This week on the Internet – Feb. 19, 2016

Just a roundup of some interesting things I’ve found this week.

Making Your Online Portfolio Work for You – 5 Useful Tips
Some good ideas from Freelance Writing Jobs. While it’s (obviously) aimed at freelance writers, these are transferable to freelancers in just about any field.

How To Cultivate A Morning Routine For More Mindfulness
I am a morning person. Always have been; probably always will be. I know that my most productive hours are the ones before noon, and that I have a tendency to crash around 2:00, no matter what I’m doing. Unfortunately, my mood often leads me to want to do anything but sit down at a computer and actually work in those morning hours. Scrub the kitchen floor? Sure! Fold an entire week’s worth of laundry while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix? You bet! But since I’ve started working as a freelance editor, I have to use those hours on paid work and leave the housework and the hanging out on Twitter exchanging bon mots with my Tweeps for late afternoon, when I have a 10-year-old underfoot. So I’m working on maximizing my mornings for work, and a huge part of that depends on how I start the day. Number 1 on this list—starting the day without social media—always makes for a better start… when I can make myself do it. 🙂

Our Use Of Little Words Can, Uh, Reveal Hidden Interests
This short piece from NPR has been around for a couple of years, but I just found it this week. I found the part about how pronouns (particularly “I”) in conversation reflect social dynamics particularly interesting. I recently noticed (ouch—the “Is” are so much more obvious right now) that my communication with a couple of authors was very I-heavy; the truth is that I’m kind of intimidated by them, even though they’re very nice people to work with. But their standing in the world I used to be a part of makes me feel a little inadequate to editing their work. I don’t seem to have that problem when I’m editing, say, my husband’s work (sorry, dear).

…and on a related note: Me, Myself and I
An explanation of how “I” came to be capitalized in English (via Benjamin Dreyer, on Twitter).

#ACESchat: Building an Editing Reference Library
I missed the ACES chat this week, and it looks like it was a really good one. Fortunately, it’s been Storified here. So many GREAT suggestions.

And finally, the most relevant link for MY weekend is this one: How to Upgrade Your Laptop Hard Drive. Because mine died earlier this week, and my weekend plans consist mostly of trying to resurrect it. Hope yours are better than that. 🙂