AutoHotKey for Editors

  One of the recurring threads I see in the places where editors gather online is how much most of us dislike editing in PDF. I get it; editing in PDF can be tedious, even with a fairly clean manuscript and a fast computer. But some publishers use PDF as an important part of their…

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Random things I’ve learned this week: Converting a Word doc to PDF without losing your fonts, your links, or your patience

This week I discovered some very strange behavior in Word. It’s so strange that I suspect it’s a bug, although you never know with Microsoft. This happened while I was converting a Word document to PDF–something I’ve done thousands of times. But this was the first time I’ve encountered this particular problem. The setup I…

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This week on the Internet – Feb. 19, 2016

Just a roundup of some interesting things I’ve found this week. Making Your Online Portfolio Work for You – 5 Useful Tips Some good ideas from Freelance Writing Jobs. While it’s (obviously) aimed at freelance writers, these are transferable to freelancers in just about any field. How To Cultivate A Morning Routine For More Mindfulness…

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